Hen harrier

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Join the Winter Survey

Gather Valuable Data to inform Hen Harrier Conservation

The Irish Hen Harrier Winter Survey (IHHWS) was established in the winter of 2004/5 to investigate the least studied, yet largest part of the Hen Harrier's annual cycle and to better understand and conserve the Hen Harrier in Ireland. Join our skilled and determined group of surveyors monitoring Hen Harrier during the non-breeding period.

  1. Select Site

    The IHHWS can allocate you a site to survey, or you can use your own initiative and select a potentially suitable location to check each winter, e.g. reed bed, marsh, bog etc.

  2. Watch

    Survey dates are set for the 1st day of each month (from August to March) or as close as possible. Observers watch their sites from at least 40 minutes before sunset or sunrise.

  3. Submit Forms

    Survey sheets provided by IHHWS are completed online or uploaded via the website whether or not Hen Harriers are seen. A null count is as important as a confirmed sighting at a roost.

Finding Roosts

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